This is the first game I did solo! I've went through a lot of issues but it was an interesting experience. I will update the game until I complete all the mechanics properly after the LD. I would love to hear what you think about my idea. Sadly it is not complete but I decided to publish anyway because it is my first solo game.

Here's the concept:

The machine that transferred the soul barrels to the right portals is broken and the portals have become unstable! You have been employed to transfer the barrels before the time runs out!

To play the game you use the WASD keys to move around, space to sprint and F to pick up the objects(I didn't manage to make it work).

I will keep updating the game after the jam to complete all the mechanics.

*update : I kind of hit a brickwall due to bad code. This is going to need a lot of fixing


Soul Portals 29 MB
Soul Portals 31 MB

Install instructions

Download and play the game!

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